There is a lot that goes into planning a boudoir photoshoot. There seems to be endless ideas, outfits, and looks you can try. Everything from hair, nails, makeup and outfits… it can be overwhelming! So I decided to put together my tops tips for your boudoir photo shoot so I can help you plan! Boudoir […]

Why Boudoir Photography Sometimes I find it hard to put into words why I shoot boudoir photography. To me, it is so much more than just some pretty photos. It’s about self acceptance, self love, body positivity and art. It’s about getting glammed up and laughing our butts off. It’s about the transformation that takes […]

Busting Excuses When we get nervous, we make excuses. We make excuses not to love ourselves or take care of ourselves. Sometimes life is just plain BUSY, or things are crazy at work, or we always have to drive someone somewhere! Sometimes it’s more important to spend time with your spouse. We also use excuses […]

Amber Shares the Story of her Boudoir Photo Shoot When I asked Amber to write about her boudoir shoot experience with us, she quickly responded with “YES!”. When I first read this, it brought me to tears. Amber’s transformation has been one of the most memorable ones. Here is her story written by Tatiana herself. […]

Boudoir Photography Frequently Asked Questions The thought of a boudoir session can be scary. When talking to women about their session, I get asked all kinds of questions. So I wanted to compile a list of my 12 most frequently asked questions to give you some insight on preparing for a boudoir photography session with […]

Wondering how to gift boudoir photos? This is your boudoir gifting guide. Complete with ideas and advice for gifting your boudoir photos. What do you do with boudoir photos? This is a really common question because boudoir photos are much more intimate than your usual photos. Rather than posting on social media or displaying around […]

Modern, intimate and undeniably sexy boudoir photography in Texas. That’s what I do and I’m going to show you what it’s like. Why do boudoir photos? Taking boudoir photos is a sure-as-day reminder that you are worth it. Here’s why I recommend boudoir photos to every single woman I meet. To empower you to feel […]

Are we in heaven or are these women a dream? I don’t know about you, but I am always going to be slightly obsessed with boudoir photography with angel wings. I see your invisible wings I’ve seen countless women with invisible wings, you know, the women who are the type to give more than they […]

Plus size boudoir photography is really just an excuse to get undeniable proof that you feel sexy as hell in your own skin. Hang on tight because we’re about to get vulnerable and hyped up in one swift go. My approach to plus size boudoir photography in San Antonio I work with a lot of […]