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Amber Shares the Story of her Boudoir Photo Shoot

Amber posing on a bed with roses for her boudoir photo shoot

When I asked Amber to write about her boudoir shoot experience with us, she quickly responded with “YES!”. When I first read this, it brought me to tears. Amber’s transformation has been one of the most memorable ones. Here is her story written by Tatiana herself.

Isn’t She Beautiful…

I actually really hate what I look like in pictures. I haven’t changed my profile picture in over wo years – my husband is in it, I was skinnier then, and I am wearing a good face of makeup. Why disrupt a good thing?

Signing up for a boudoir shoot was a crazy idea! It was meant to be a gift for my hubby – he was always telling how beautiful I am, even if I rolled my eyes every-time he said it. Beautiful after working an 8 hour day? Beautiful after my 2 hour commute?! Sweatpants, hair up, chillin’ on the couch with no makeup beautiful? Ummm… no. Not quite.

I appreciated the love and compliments, but I honestly didn’t really believe him most days. I thought he was just being nice. I knew he loved me and found me to be beautiful and sexy… but what was I missing? What could he see that I couldn’t?

I knew a boudoir shoot would blow his mind. He would NEVER expect it. I could do this… for him… I think. I never thought I would feel immediate doubt. WHAT was I thinking?! What did I just sign myself up for?!?! Strip down in front of a stranger???

I wasn’t a sexy person- I knew next to nothing about what looked sexy on myself and how to dress. Garter belt? Nope, never tried that! I remember I told my bff what I was doing and she was pretty shocked that I signed myself up for that. “Your doing WHAT?” “Wow, you’re brave, I could NEVER do that!”

Doubt and anxiety crept in even more. She would NEVER do that? Why never? My friends are gorgeous, but I couldn’t convince them otherwise. Is that what I was doing to myself without even realizing it?? Looking down on myself? If I could build my friends up and be their cheerleader, why couldn’t I do the same for myself? It’s WAY too easy to focus on the negatives when it comes to our bodies and beauty in today’s world.

I know I am never going to look perfect and there will always be things I don’t like about myself, but I decided to try and make an effort to loving myself more and start saying kind things to myself.

I prepared for my boudoir shoot as much as I could. Sam sent over a TON of guides before my session so that really helped me prepare. Even though I was nervous, I got excited about treating myself to some things. Nails? check! Brazilian wax? -Ouch!!! I mean check 😉 Shopping at Victoria’s Secret – check! The sales women were very supportive of me when I told them why I needed new lingerie so that was very helpful to get me excited as well.

Then the day arrived- Boudoir Shoot Day. I shuffled into the studio wearing a loose t-shirt and leggings like Sam told me to and was greeted by Sam and her makeup artist.

I was so worried I’d look awkward! I was very nervous but we all started chatting and I felt a bit relieved. Suzanne asked me what kind of makeup look we are going for… Sam looked through my outfits and we came up with a plan.

I am not much of a make-up wearer so I wasn’t sure where to start, but Suzanne helped guide me on some choices. She asked if I liked curls for my hair… yes I said! As she started applying the makeup and doing my hair, we started chatting about life and I started to calm down a bit. I did opt to have a glass of wine while she did my makeup so that helped too. ha ha

When my makeup was complete Suzanne asked me to look in the mirror and I could NOT believe what I saw. I looked hot! I kind of couldn’t believe it was me. I loved how I looked and didn’t focus on my imperfections like I tend to do. Why was I so obsessed with focusing on the negative all the time?

I guess the experience was kind like jumping off of a cliff- even if you have fear of heights. A cliff where all your insecurities hang out and whisper those lies into your soul. The cliff where you have never felt good, where we judge other women for what THEY look like, the cliffs edge that is too damn perfect to leave most days.

I am glad I was determined to jump off the cliff that day. If I could jump out of a perfectly good airplane on my birthday, I could jump off this cliff of imperfection.

The conservative, awkward nerd with glasses finally started coming out of her shell – slowly but surely.

“Look at you babe!” Sam said when she showed me the back of her camera. I was shocked that was ME! I did look sexy – and I believed it too.

Even if I had to play “Run The World Girls” by Beyonce in my head over and over again hype myself up in the beginning. Even if Sam had to straighten my thong several times to get the shot just right. Even as I took the deep breaths in like Sam said so it would look natural. Even if I giggled as I ran my hands down my body. Even if I was a little sore the next morning after all those poses! I finally let my hair down and let go and felt free and amazing! I didn’t know I had it in me.

I could have never imagined what the final product what look like!

When the shoot was over and I went out to lunch I was so nervous to see my images. I knew I felt sexy and confident but I wasn’t sure if it would look right in camera.

When Sam showed me my images I was truly shocked! My mouth literally dropped when I saw the first image. I kept saying” Is that me?” and she kept saying “Yes babe, that is YOU!”

I really loved every image. This session was such a confidence booster. For the first time I didn’t feel heavily weighed down by my own negative self talk. Maybe it took Sam’s perspective for me to see myself in that light. I still cannot believe that hot sexy woman in those photos is me.

I get a little emotional writing this but I had never felt so good about myself. I love the photos in my album and it is so nice to see what my husband sees.

I knew that if I loved these photos this much, my husband would definitely love them way more! I chose to do a large album with 30 of my favorite images. Sam shows me a ton of photos and I decided to keep them all. I couldn’t say no to any of them! I think I look at my album just as much as my husband does ha ha.

I feel so empowered ever since I did my boudoir shoot. I cannot wait to go backhand do it again! While I originally booked the shoot with my husband in mind, it was actually a gift I gave to myself too. I will forever be grateful for these images! I love Sam and her team!

If you are looking into booking a boudoir experience for yourself, reach out to Samantha today to book your session!

  1. Mary Beth A says:

    Wow! What an inspiring and encouraging share! Thank you Amber for sharing your experience with Samantha. Makes me feel more confident, like “I can do this too!” My hubby has been asking for yearssss. Maybe he will have an anniversary or Valentine’s Day surprise in his future!

  2. JoAnn says:

    So proud of you for sharing your experience! I think we are too influenced by media and photoshopped pics. We have forgotten, or been reprogrammed, to know what beauty is: unique. Beauty is in all forms and colors. I hope that you continue to feel the confidence that you felt during your session. Stay positive, girlie!

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