You know that lingerie is on the line-up for your boudoir shoot, but what about before? We’ve got you covered. Read about what to wear to a boudoir shoot and other tips that will make sure your session is a breeze. What to wear to a boudoir session: before In the morning before your scheduled […]

Over the Summer and Fall, Brianna was visiting from California and decided to do some boudoir photos in San Antonio during her stay. She initially reached out to me over Instagram and soon after set up a phone consultation with me to discuss giving her boyfriend a gift he would never forget, so doing a […]

What are prepayment plans and why do our clients love them? Pre-payment plans are just that… a payment plan made through us to pay for your session in full BEFORE your session date. For many women, doing a boudoir session is a once in a lifetime event and they want to make it special! Don’t […]

I get asked a lot what ladies should wear to their boudoir photoshoot so I compiled a list of Ideas for boudoir photoshoot outfits. 1. Lingerie, Of Course First on the list for boudoir photoshoot outfits is lingerie! I mean, wearing lingerie to your boudoir photoshoot is obviously a given. But what kind and from […]

Earlier this Fall I did a poll and asked my followers what kind of looks they would like me to photograph for my own boudoir session. One of the top choices was my wet set! This is a bonus set for my clients. They can choose to add this “set” to their boudoir session. We […]

When I did boudoir portraits for Lori, I knew they would come out looking amazing! Lori was a bit nervous before her session, but you wouldn’t evert ell by looking at her portraits. The day I captured boudoir portraits with Lori I knew her confidence would come through in every image captured! Like I stated […]

Last Summer Miranda came into the studio and sizzled in front of the camera during her sexy photoshoot. As if Summer wasn’t hot enough… things got even hotter during Miranda’s sexy photoshoot last July! Miranda walked in with a bunch outfits to wear for her session. While she was getting her hair and makeup done, […]

There is a ton of information out there on what to do or bring to your boudoir session, but today I want to give you some different kind of tips: What Not To Do For Your Boudoir Session. Tip 1: Do not try a new hair style right before your session. Trying a new hair […]

Meet Barbie! This chick came into the studio this past Summer and completely wow’ed me with her style! Thankfully, I have a full model release so I can share all the fun gorgeousness from Barbie’s boudoir session. When discussing style options for Barbie’s boudoir session, she told me she wanted to a gothic pin-up look. […]

I had the opportunity to sit down with Amy, the owner and sex guru of The Love Shack Boutique located here in San Antonio, Texas. Let me tell you… this chick is awesome! This certified sex educator is on a mission to empower and educate women through her classes and local store. Her boutique has […]