Bonus Set: Wet Set

Earlier this Fall I did a poll and asked my followers what kind of looks they would like me to photograph for my own boudoir session. One of the top choices was my wet set! This is a bonus set for my clients. They can choose to add this “set” to their boudoir session. We typically do this at the end of the photo session as it’s… well a bit messy and you’ll get all wet!

Most ladies typically forgo getting wet from top to bottom and choose to avoid getting their hair and face wet because they don’t want to mess up their awesome makeup job. However, I wanted to show what it could look like if I am wet from head to toe.

First, we start by running the body down with some oil. This helps the water bubble on top of the skin so its more visible.

Second, I take a spray bottle and start spraying my clients down 😉 My photographer friend who took these did this part from 😉

Doing those two things, coupled with amazing light… and voila! How sexy does this look!?

What do you think of these? Would you be interested in adding this bonus set to your boudoir session? Let me know by filling out my contact form 😉

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  3. Sylvia Cuevas says:

    I’ve always wanted to do something different for myself

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