Boudoir Portraits With Lori

Boudoir Portraits With Lori
A boudoir portraits of an older woman with wearing a red robe

When I did boudoir portraits for Lori, I knew they would come out looking amazing! Lori was a bit nervous before her session, but you wouldn’t evert ell by looking at her portraits.

The day I captured boudoir portraits with Lori I knew her confidence would come through in every image captured!

Like I stated before, Lori said she was nervous before her session. I get that a lot! It can be a nerve wracking thing to strip down in front of someone and be vulnerable in front of a camera. Before her boudoir portraits, Lori said she was “Anxious and worried about how I would look in photos.” but afterwards she said ” Samantha was very encouraging during the photo session and I think this helped keep my mood and energy up.”.

After the session we asked Lori if anything surprises her and she said “I was surprised at how comfortable I felt in front of the camera at that time.”. Hmmmm… how does that happen?! How does a woman go from being so nervous to so comfortable and even excited during and after her session?

It’s because we take the comfort of our clients very seriously and do all we can to make them feel like and old girlfriend just catching up on life. Our clients also feel comfortable at their boudoir session because we do our best to communicate with them before and during their session on what their goals are. Creating a space where they are in control of their bodies, what is shown… and what isn’t. 😉 Want tips on what not to do for your boudoir session? Check out the post here!

When styling clients, we ask what they like and don’t like about their bodies and we do our best to highlight the good and minimize the things they don’t care for. This can be done with outfits, angles and lighting techniques.

Photo of older blonde woman posing on floor for boudoir portrait

Lori’s red robe and shimmer dress are part of our client closet. These items are complimentary when you book a session with Boudoir By Samantha. Her pearl necklace was found on Amazon and her hair and makeup was styled by the amazing Suzanne Syrek Artistry located here in San Antonio.

Woman tossing dress while posing for beauty portrait
Beautiful boudoir portrait of older woman smiling into camera

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Samantha Sloan is a boudoir photographer located in San Antonio, Texas. Ladies travel from all over South Texas to visit Samantha and capture their boudoir portraits. Boudoir By Samantha serves San Antonio, Boerne, Buda, New Braunfels, Austin, Bastrop, Floresville, Helotes, Uvalde and more!

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