Tips: What Not To Do For Your Boudoir Session

There is a ton of information out there on what to do or bring to your boudoir session, but today I want to give you some different kind of tips: What Not To Do For Your Boudoir Session.

What Not To Do For Your Boudoir Session

Tip 1: Do not try a new hair style right before your session.

Trying a new hair style right your boudoir session is a bad idea. You are investing a lot of time and money into these photos and you will cherish them forever, so don’t take the risk of trying something new. Whether that be a new hair cut, style or color. Just don’t do it. If there was ever a time to play it safe… this is the time 😉

Tip 2: Don’t drink heavily the night before.

Okay, okay… a glass of wine won’t hurt. But I highly advise not drinking heavily. The reasons are obvious. You will bloat. Feeling bloated is never fun and especially not at your boudoir session. Also, I need you ready and alert for your session. Some poses we do aren’t super easy and you will have to do some stretching to get into the pose. Think of it like alight yoga session. And no one likes doing yoga hungover.

woman posing on floor in lingerie for her boudoir session

Tip 3: Do not get sunburned right before your session.

If you are into tan lines… then go for it! If not, I highly recommend staying out of the sun for a few weeks before your boudoir session. It is incredibly difficult to paint in and even out tan lines on your body when you are wearing lace lingerie or if we do a wet set. Also, please stay away from self tanner as well. That stuff rubs off on the white sheets, couch and floor and its very hard to get out and can ruin sheets. It also pretty much always goes on unevenly and can very sly be overdone and make you look orange on camera.

Tip 4: Don’t keep all your questions, emotions and concerns to yourself.

Doing a boudoir session is an emotional thing. It is a very vulnerable and empowering experience and you will most certainly feel a lot of emotions leading up to your boudoir session. PLEASE reach out to me so I can ease your nerves! That is what I am here for. While I do this all the time, most of my clients never have before and you are not alone in feeling… anything you want. Think of me as your personal hype girl 😉

close up of female midsection covered in water
photo of woman stretching on bed in lingerie

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