What To Wear To A Boudoir Shoot And Other Preparation Tips

You know that lingerie is on the line-up for your boudoir shoot, but what about before? We’ve got you covered. Read about what to wear to a boudoir shoot and other tips that will make sure your session is a breeze.

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What to wear to a boudoir session: before

In the morning before your scheduled session, we recommend wearing seamless underwear (if any at all!) and soft, loose-fitting clothing. We’re talking sweatpants, baggy t-shirts, and flowy dresses. 

Tight clothing like leggings, jeans, and bras create lines and indentations on the skin that will be visible in your photos. So to keep your skin as smooth and touchable as possible, we give you full permission to go bra-free for a day (let those girls out!). Save the cute lingerie for your session!

What to wear to a boudoir shoot: during

This is the fun part! There are so many styles, moods, and colors to choose from that it can be hard to know where to begin. We recommend starting with something you know you’ll feel confident and sexy in. Whether it’s your trusty black bra and panties or a brand-new lacy number you picked up from a local boutique, pick something that feels true to you. If you’re still unsure, your boudoir photographer, with their experience and expertise, should be able to help!

If you have an additional wardrobe option available with your boudoir shoot, this is where we recommend you have fun with it. Maybe pick something new or unique from what you usually wear. Regardless of what it is, it should make you feel excited to show it off.

Styling and prep: how to prepare for a boudoir shoot

  1.  Stick to your routine

In the weeks leading up to your boudoir shoot, stick to your routine. It’s important that you don’t change anything drastic to your skincare or hair. Sudden changes to your routines can cause adverse effects like allergic reactions or breakouts. So it’s best to save the fancy facial or experimental hair color until after your boudoir session

  1.  Stay hydrated!

Fill up that fancy new cup and keep it nearby, your skin and body will thank you! Not only is this just a healthy habit to keep, but drinking plenty of water will keep your skin hydrated for a beautiful makeup application the morning of your session. 

  1.  Stretch — seriously

With over an hour of slinky poses, arched backs, and popped booties in store for you, our posing guidance will be much easier to follow and hold after some specialized stretching. Stretch in the weeks leading to your boudoir session and when the day arrives, you’ll pull it all off with ease.

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What to bring to a boudoir shoot: A packing list

  • Water
  • Light snacks
  • Loose-fitting clothes
  • Clean skin and hair
  • Freshly painted nails
  • A robe
  • Your lingerie of choice (plus an extra option or two!)
  • High heels or your shoe of choice
  • Accessories: ie jewelry, stockings, or hats
  • Personalized items or props, like your partner’s dress shirt or tie

Tips for hair and makeup for boudoir photos

If you are styling your own hair and makeup for your session, it’s best to practice your look before the morning of your session. There are endless video tutorials that walk you through how to create a glamorous look for photoshoots. We recommend either soft or full glam looks, depending on your style.

Since we are an all-inclusive studio, hair and makeup for boudoir photos is part of the experience. Just bring some inspiration photos and clean hair and skin, then allow our expert beauty team to take care of the rest.

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Take the guesswork out of what to wear to a boudoir shoot

Our clients get two detailed guides with insights for styling and preparation before their session. Covering everything from hydrating to mentally preparing, we cover all the bases about how to prepare for a boudoir shoot from specific pre-session stretches to personalized styling tips. Send us a note to book your boudoir session!

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