Pre-Payment Plans: What Are They And Why Clients Love Them!

What are prepayment plans and why do our clients love them?

Pre-payment plans are just that… a payment plan made through us to pay for your session in full BEFORE your session date.

For many women, doing a boudoir session is a once in a lifetime event and they want to make it special! Don’t be fooled though, I hear boudoir sessions can be addicting 😉 We often have clients return to us for more!

Let me share with you why our clients love the pre payment plan option:

1. They Make It Affordable

Having a luxury all day boudoir session is an investment. We are a full service studio providing everything that is needed to have an amazing day with us and feel pampered, sexy, and beautiful. While some are able to spend several thousand dollars all at once, not everyone can. Therefore, we want make is easy and affordable for anyone to do a session with us! We offer all our clients easy monthly payments leading up to their dream session. We often get ladies booking 3-6 months out, but we can book out up to 12 months… giving you plenty of time to pay for your special day.

2. It’s Easy!

We do our best to make it super easy to set up your prepayment plan with us. After booking, we send over our full investment menu. We are there every step of the way to walk you through all what we offer and help you figure out exactly what YOU want.

Once you figure out which collection or products work best for you, we set up a monthly payment plan for you. We send a monthly invoice to your email for you to pay online for your convienence. You choose what day of the month you want to pay! All payments must be paid in full two weeks before your session.

Worried you won’t like any of your photos? No worries, you can choose to go with our smallest collection and upgrade at your session and continue a payment plan afterwards. P.S. … No one has ever disliked all their photos before 😉

3. More Time To Plan Your Session

As mentioned above, ladies typically book their session 3-6 months in advance. Giving them plenty of time for their payments. Ladies love being able to look forward to their session and plan for it. Choosing outfits (if you want to bring your own), getting nails done, waxes, prepping your hair appointment… are all the fun elements that go into planning your session and that requires a good amount of planning.

Sometimes we do get the occasional last minute booking, but typically ladies like to plan things out months in advance 😉

4. They Are Interest Free!

Hell yes!! One of the best perks of doing a prepayment plan with us is that they are interest free! We accept any major debit or credit card. We also take PayPal Credit and Affirm as well…. although, they may charge interest for using their program.

Alrighty babes, that is the breakdown of our prepayments. If you are ready to take the leap and book a session with us, fill out the contact form and let’s get you on the books!


We have an amazing referral program for our past clients and they definitely take advantage of it! It’s so easy to follow and many of them can easily earn a completely FREE session fee when they come back. Like mentioned above, boudoir sessions can be addicting 😉

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