Meet Barbie! This chick came into the studio this past Summer and completely wow’ed me with her style! Thankfully, I have a full model release so I can share all the fun gorgeousness from Barbie’s boudoir session. When discussing style options for Barbie’s boudoir session, she told me she wanted to a gothic pin-up look. […]

Wondering how to gift boudoir photos? This is your boudoir gifting guide. Complete with ideas and advice for gifting your boudoir photos. What do you do with boudoir photos? This is a really common question because boudoir photos are much more intimate than your usual photos. Rather than posting on social media or displaying around […]

Modern, intimate and undeniably sexy boudoir photography in Texas. That’s what I do and I’m going to show you what it’s like. Why do boudoir photos? Taking boudoir photos is a sure-as-day reminder that you are worth it. Here’s why I recommend boudoir photos to every single woman I meet. To empower you to feel […]

Are we in heaven or are these women a dream? I don’t know about you, but I am always going to be slightly obsessed with boudoir photography with angel wings. I see your invisible wings I’ve seen countless women with invisible wings, you know, the women who are the type to give more than they […]