Your Guide: How To Gift Boudoir Photos

Wondering how to gift boudoir photos? This is your boudoir gifting guide. Complete with ideas and advice for gifting your boudoir photos.

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What do you do with boudoir photos?

This is a really common question because boudoir photos are much more intimate than your usual photos. Rather than posting on social media or displaying around the house, most of my boudoir clients choose to use their boudoir photos in the following ways.

1. To gift to a partner or spouse

2. Print in a luxury album

3. Add to something fun like a calendar or Poker cards

4. Print individual photos and store in a keepsake box

5. Mobile app so you can sneak a peek any time, any where

Are boudoir photos a good gift?

Absolutely! Boudoir photos are a perfect, intimate gift for weddings and anniversaries.

Personally, I think boudoir photography is 110% a gift to yourself in terms of how empowered and confident you’ll feel. That being said, gifting your photos to a significant other can certainly rekindle things in the bedroom. It’s also nice for military wives (yes, military boudoir photography is a thing) or for those whose partners can’t always be with them.

Boudoir photo: how to gift your boudoir photos

How do I gift a boudoir album?

I love this question because I love a good surprise. Here are a few stealthy ideas.

  1. Set it on his pillow while you change out of your dress from date night.
  2. Head out for girls’ weekend and leave a box of prints on the bed for him to discover.
  3. If it’s your wedding night, give it to him to look through while you freshen up after a long day of celebrations, dancing and vows.
  4. During the honeymoon or an anniversary trip.
  5. Always make sure you’re the only ones around, and that he has time to react and process his excitement.

What should I put on a boudoir album cover?

I order handmade albums for my boudoir clients, which means that the album is still sexy, but subtle. No one would know what’s inside (thanks to a velvet, snake skin or dragon skin cover), but it still breathes with luxury.

If you want to put a photo on the front of your album cover, consider photos that are less revealing, something that really feels like you.

How many pictures are in a boudoir album?

Boudoir albums are quite custom, and can range from 10 to 40 pictures in most cases. Don’t forget the size too! I have everything from a little black 6×6 album to 12×12.

Boudoir gift examples


The standard go-to for boudoir gifts, albums are a discreet, yet elegant way to print, gift and enjoy your boudoir photos.

Loose prints

A fun idea for sneaky photo sharing, consider loose prints if you’re the type who wants to tuck a photo in his suitcase or in his cigar box for him to find later.

Folio boxes

Or, to better preserve your loose prints, store them in a folio box where you can look through the images. It feels like being a kid in the candy store. I love this option!

Diamond blocks

An acrylic block like this, you’ll love seeing your photo in shiny 3D.

Metal wall portraits

Convenient for the bedroom, his man cave or even that gorgeous master closet of yours, metal wall portraits have a sleek look that you just can’t replicate.

Retro viewfinders

Don’t you just love this idea? Me too. I have nothing to say except hell yes. (If you don’t know what this is, think about those little toy cameras we had as kids that had a built-in slideshow of images. You can take your favorite 7 images and add them to a viewfinder. Such a fun and discreet idea!)

Boudoir calendar

I’m not sure if I’d rather keep this for myself or give it to a significant other. Could you imagine the daily reminder this would bring? To put yourself first? I’m down for that.

Mobile viewing app for your phone

I know I already mentioned this, but it’s the perfect place to browse through your photos on the go (especially useful for those jet-setting significant others).

Boudoir angel wings in front of a floral wall

Well now I am in a gifting mood. Let’s go grab some champagne, take boudoir photos and gift ’em’ to someone who appreciates the babe you are.

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