Luxe Boudoir Photography With Angel Wings

Are we in heaven or are these women a dream? I don’t know about you, but I am always going to be slightly obsessed with boudoir photography with angel wings.

I see your invisible wings

I’ve seen countless women with invisible wings, you know, the women who are the type to give more than they get — constantly giving from an empty cup. We put ourselves last over and over. It’s about damn time you put yourself first. Do something selfish for once.

When I see my boudoir clients put on these wings, it feels like witnessing the crowning of a queen.

Boudoir photography with angel wings

Reasons to consider angel wings boudoir photography

Here are some reasons to consider this playful prop for your sexy photography session.

  1. It adds texture and variety to your photos.

If you want a one-of-a-kind boudoir photo gallery, these wings are the perfect addition.

  1. The playful touch makes it easier to enjoy your session.

We all love a little role play, right? Adding a little fluff, literally, makes it easier to enjoy yourself.

  1. The boudoir wings spice up the session.

Anyone else getting Victoria Secret vibes? Don’t mind if we do.

  1. It inspires all the creativity.

As a boudoir photographer, these types of photo sessions are always outside of the box. And these props just add another dimension for us to get creative with.

  1. Why not?

You’re here reading this post, aren’t you? Just go for it.

Boudoir angel wings

My San Antonio boudoir photo shoots include complimentary access to these luxury pink boudoir angel wings. (To make your own wings, check out this tutorial.)

Gorgeous examples of boudoir photography with angel wings

Let your confidence soar with sexy photography like this

Sure, we can sit here and applaud these women. They embraced a bold side of themselves and added their own spin to the shoot.

But I’m pretty sure it’s your turn to do the same.

Say hi and let’s take some sexy photos of your own.

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