Plus Size Boudoir Photography: Tips + Ideas

Plus size boudoir photography is really just an excuse to get undeniable proof that you feel sexy as hell in your own skin.

Hang on tight because we’re about to get vulnerable and hyped up in one swift go.

Plus size boudoir photography posing idea on the bed

My approach to plus size boudoir photography in San Antonio

I work with a lot of self-made women, and I’m not talking about careers here. I’m talking about the women who have taken the reins on who they are and how they feel, women who defy the belief that anyone should fit into a box. These women don’t just love their curves, they praise them! And if they don’t, they’re about to.

As someone who has struggled with weight and beauty “norms” my entire life, I’ll be the first to tell you this: don’t you dare live another day not loving yourself.

Plus size boudoir photography with heels on

Tips for plus size boudoir photo shoots

1. Embrace the moment and actually enjoy treating yourself for once.

I treat all of the women in my plus size boudoir photo shoots like absolute goddesses. Starting with a signature cocktail, followed by a pampering hair and makeup session, the best way to start a boudoir photo shoot is to take it easy.

I want to see you relax so you can show up with that easygoing confidence we all aspire towards. So make sure that you show up ready to sit back, get glammed up and laugh your worries away while we listen to a playlist just for you.

2. Let your photographer guide you.

Do you ever wish you could simply take the back seat? While you are the absolute focus of the boudoir photoshoot, it’s also usually best if you just settle into the moment. Sit here, look there…following your photographer’s instructions will make it easy to forget your fears.

3. Treat it like a girls’ day.

Good music, girl talk and probably some champagne too — boudoir photo shoots are girls’ days. Treat it like one!

Stunning boudoir photos plus size poses you’ve got to try

Arms up

Plus size boudoir photography pose idea with arms up

Leaning over the bed

Sitting on the couch

Plus size boudoir photography pose for the couch

Folding yourself up in sheets

Posing idea for plus size boudoir photography

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